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Relying on the Holy Spirit #2 In Touch Series by: Charles Stanley



Description: RELYING ON THE HOLY SPIRIT By Charles Stanley Marked by purpose, power, and effectiveness, the Spirit-filled life is not something you do; it is something you are. And a Spirit-filled life is available for every Christian. As a matter of fact, if you are a born-again Christian, you already have a relationship with the Holy Spirit--whether or not you have acknowledged it. Join Dr. Charles Stanley in an exciting exploration of "Relying on the Holy Spirit." You'll gain a deeper appreciation for who the Holy Spirit is and why you need Him. By examining the Holy Spirit's attributes and spiritual gifts, you'll learn how to enrich your relationship with the Holy Spirit and feel His amazing power working in your life. The "In Touch Study Series," by Pastor and bestselling author Dr. Charles Stanley, is a unique appoach to Bible study, incorporating biblical truth, personal insights, emotional responses, and a call to action. Whether you use it in a group or as an individual, this study course will help you get in touch with the Bible,yourself, and God.

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 The Holy Spirit by: Charles Ryrie


Description: What is "Spirit Baptism?" What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? Do you understand sin against the Holy Spirit? Have you experienced true spiritual power? In his warm and personal style, Dr Ryrie helps you understand the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Learn how the Holy Spirit relates to creation, revelation and scripture.

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How to be a Spirit Filled Christian by: Rick Leineweber 


Description: A detailed study of the key passage on understanding the Spirit filled life.  


Spiritual Warfare: The Battle & The Enemy by: Rick Leineweber


Description: Each session is built around the 5W format for a small group meeting.

Spiritual Warfare: The Battle

Session 1 – Demonic Activity

Session 2 – Temptation

Session 3 – Strongholds

Session 4 – Hand-to-Hand Combat

Session 5 – Christian Armor

Spiritual Warfare: The Enemy

Session 6 – Wicked One

Session 7 – Accuser

Session 8 – Father of Lies
Session 9 - Tempter
Session 10 - Belial


Fruit of the Spirit: InterActions Small Group Series by: Bill Hybels



Description: Putting others' needs ahead of our own. It's the ultimate expression of love, and the hardest. Fortunately, we don't have to go it alone. In this study, you'll learn about the life-transforming qualities God wants to cultivate inside of you. And you'll discover the supernatural Agent who empowers you to attain them.

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