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Open Heart, Open Home

by: Karen Mains


Description: In Open Heart, Open Home Karen Mains steps far beyond how-to-entertain hints to explore the deeper concepts of Christian hospitality-the biblical way to use your home and an open heart to care for others. Countless pastors have recommended this classic resource as the meaningful example of how the Holy Spirit ministers to and through us to make other people feel truly welcome and deeply wanted.

This new edition contains 54 helpful ways to make hospitality work whether you live on a country farm, in a house in the suburbs, or in an apartment in the city. Everyone can appreciate the life-changing principles of this timeless book. Softcover, 208 pp.

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Open Heart, Open Home Study Guide


Description: From the author of Open Heart, Open Home-the classic book on Christian hospitality-comes this one-of-a-kind study guide that will inspire your small groups to be truly hospitable. Opening Our Hearts and Homes by Karen Mains, with collaboration by Adele Calhoun, invites you to discover the heart of our hospitable God through enriching Scripture verses, brainstorming, role playing, situational problem solving, and more!

This small-group exploration offers hope for those less inclined to hospitality, as well as encouragement for more experienced hosts and hostesses to share their secrets and stories. It is a must for men's and women's Bible studies, home fellowship groups, and adult Sunday school classes.
[8 sessions]

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The 11th Commandment Project 


Description: Imagine the stir that Jesus must have caused when, during his final conversation with his disciples, he announced a new commandment, essentially the 11th Commandment. This new commandment, recorded in John 13:34, challenged the disciples with a new paradigm. His statement was significant and strategic.

One phrase at a time, his command says:

  • "Love one another."
  • "As I have loved you, so you must love one another."
  • "All men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another."

But while the disciples no doubt must have sensed the gravity of Jesus' statement, at the same time, they might have been a bit frustrated. Love is, after all, a big concept that defies simple definition. The challenge is: when God says, "love one another," what are we to do? How are we to love one another?


The hypothesis of this book is: The mysterious "how-to" of love is practically explained by the One Another’s of Scripture. 


Thirty-five times in the New Testament, we see a recurring word pattern - an action verb followed by the words "one another." We are told to: prefer, accept, greet, encourage, forgive, comfort, wait for, honor - one another. These verbs, when substituted for the word "love" in John 13:34, teach us the "how-to" of love. 


This workbook will radically and positively affect all of your relationships! Complete this workbook and you'll be equipped with the practical tools to truly love others. You'll have the "know-how" to love people in the following ways: prefer, accept, greet, encourage, honor, pray for, forgive, comfort, wait for, bear burdens, admonish and others.


The 11th Commandment Workbook removes the ambiguity from the command to love others. It will guide you to a new understanding of what it means to love others as God has loved you! 

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Discovering Your Role In God’s Family, Book 3 Brad Carr, Bruce Reed, Bruce Miller, Center for Church-Based Training

Book 3: Discovering Your Role in God's Family

Section One: Understanding the Church
Issue One: God's New Community
Issue Two: A Biblically Functioning Community
Issue Three: A Spirit-Directed Community
Section Two: Participating in the Church
Issue Four: Growing Into Christ-likeness
Issue Five: Worshipping Together
Issue Six: Enlarging the Family
Issue: Seven: Loving One Another: Body Life
Issue Eight: Encouraging One Another
Issue Nine: Serving One Another
Issue Ten: Sharing With One Another
Issue Eleven: Praying for One Another
Section Three: Summary
Issue Twelve: Our Role in God's Family: Action Plan

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"One Another" books by Dr. Gene Getz

Encouraging One Another (Getz, Gene A. One Another Series.)
Loving One Another (Getz, Gene A. One Another Series.)

Building Up One Another, One Another Series
Serving One Another (Biblical renewal series)
Praying for One Another

 The Five Love Languages by: Gary Chapman


Description: Words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, physical touching---learning these five love languages may save a troubled marriage or greatly enhance the emotional climate of a good marriage! Chapman explains the purpose of each love language and shows you how to identify the one that is most meaningful to your spouse. 175 pages, softcover from Moody.

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Lessons on Love: InterActions Small Group Series by: Bill Hybels


Description: In Lessons on Love you'll learn about the various kinds of love, beginning with forms of love you'll recognize and ending with a supernatural love so awesome it can utterly transform lives. Christ's love. The world around you will take note when you unleash the power of Christ's love, and it will never be the same.  

Session 1 Loving Lessons
Session 2 Tender Love
Session 3 Tough Love
Session 4 Sacrificial Love
Session 5 Steadfast Love
Session 6 Radical Love

Lessons on Love: Interactions Small Group Series