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Discovering Intimacy With God, Book 2 by: Brad Carr, Bruce Reed, Bruce Miller,
Center for Church-Based Training

Book 2: Discovering Intimacy With God

Issue One: The Scope of the Quest
Issue Two: Knowing the Unknowable: The Trinity
Issue Three: God Revealed in the Old Testament
Issue Four: God Revealed in the New Testament
Issue Five: Our God is Sovereign
Issue Six: Our God is Holy
Issue: Seven: Our God is Loving
Issue Eight: God the Father
Issue Nine: God the Son
Issue Ten: God the Holy Spirit
Issue Eleven: Loving God
Issue Twelve: Loving People

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Experiencing God Workbook by: Henry T. Blackaby


Description: Learn to hear when God is speaking to you. Authors Blackaby and King encourage you to find out where God is working in the world around you so that you can join him. A workbook that can change your life, Experiencing God leads you in an exploration of the seven vital aspects of your relationship with God: knowing, loving, hearing, joining, believing, obeying and experiencing. The workbook includes text, questions, and activities. Although it does contain parts of the book "Experiencing God (with Study Guide)", this is a separate book that corresponds to the video curriculum (#327764). It can also be used independently of the book and video. Each unit is divided into 5 daily lessons. (The lessons are non-reproducible.)

Contents include:
Unit One - God's Will and Your Life
Unit Two - Looking to God
Unit Three - God Pursues a Love Relationship
Unit Four - Love and God's Invitation
Unit Five - God Speaks, Part One
Unit Six - God Speaks, Part Two
Unit Seven - The Crisis of Belief
Unit Eight - Adjusting Your Life to God Unit
Nine - Experiencing God through Obedience
Unit Ten - God's Will and the Church
Unit Eleven - Kingdom People
Unit Twelve - Continuing Fellowship with God.

[Adults] Experiencing God Workbook 
[Youth] Experiencing God Workbook, Youth Edition

Experiencing God's Attributes by: Warren & Ruth Myers


Description: What's it like to experience God's attributes? If we did experience them, how would we be changed? Would our idea of God change? This study takes you through scriptural passages that let you experience God's attributes for yourself. Throughout, you'll be asked to connect what you learn about God to your own experiences of Him. Your idea of God will indeed change as any misconceptions of what He's like give way to the truth about His glorious character.

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Life Essentials by: Rick Leineweber 



Description: Each session is built around the 5W format for a small group meeting.

Practicing the spiritual disciplines for the believer are like eating and breathing. This 11-part study answers the question why the spiritual disciplines are so important and what should motivate us to practice them.  Eight sessions focus on the spiritual discipline of prayer based upon the Lord’s Prayer.


Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by: Donald S. Whitney


Description: Spiritual discipline sounds great in theory. But actually putting it into practice---that's different! How do you grow in godliness while avoiding the trap of legalism? Where do you find the time? If you're looking for spiritual revitalization, this book will give you the biblical inspiration and practical guidance you need. 254 pages, softcover from NavPress.

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The Spirit of the Disciplines: Understanding How God Changes Lives by: Dallas Willard


Description: Believers long for personal purity and power to live as our hearts tell us we should. But how does God change us? Willard reminds us that we can be like Christ if we follow his style of life: solitude and silence, prayer, simple and sacrificial living, meditation on God's Word, and service to others. The practice of these disciplines is how God guides us into a constant interaction with his kingdom. ''The book of the decade!''---Richard Foster. 275 pages, softcover from HarperCollins.

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Too Busy Not to Pray by: Bill Hybels


Description: Hybels's best-selling introduction to prayer has reached a milestone---10 years of helping Christians enrich their spiritual lives! Using the ACTS formula (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication), this expanded edition offers you even more resources to help you grow in Christ: two new chapters, a guide for private and group prayer, and lots of insight from Hybels. 192 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.

Too Busy Not to Pray, 20th Anniversary Edition, softcover


Unleashing God's Word in Your Life: How to Effectively Study and Apply the Bible by: John MacArthur


Description: What do you look for when studying Scripture? What do you expect to gain? John MacArthur shares what he's discovered about Unleashing God's Word in Your Life, building a framework that yields the optimum result---a deeper relationship with the Savior. Learn how the Bible is organized, and what it means; how it reveals God's will, prepares you for spiritual battle, sets you free, and more! 180 pages, softcover,

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