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Biblical Financial Study

Description: Many people are experiencing financial challenges. But did you know that the Bible contains 2,350 verses dealing with money? Many Christians have been taught what the Bible says about how to handle 10 percent of their income – the area of giving. Although this is crucial, they need to understand God’s perspective of managing the rest of their money as well.

This study is one of the most remarkably effective ways to find biblically based answers to your financial questions and difficulties. Through in-depth teaching in a small-group setting, it trains individuals in only 10 weeks to use money in eternally significant ways that benefit you and your church. This study is the number one resource for transforming the mind and heart of an individual regarding attitudes about money.

Small Group Study 10-week

Discovering God's Way of Handling Money

Description: There are more than 2,350 verses that address everything you need to know about handling money. The Bible is, indeed, a blueprint for managing your finances. Not only is Discovering God's Way of Handling Money practical, but in it you will learn the profound impact managing your money has on your relationship with God.

  • What does the Bible say about borrowing and lending money?
  • How do you evaluate financial counsel from others?
  • Is honesty always the best policy?
  • How can I know when to give to others?
  • How are money and being a godly employee related to each other?

Eight weekly segments cover topics such as:

1.      Introduction
2.      Debt
3.      Counsel
4.      Honesty
5.      Giving
6.      Work
7.      Saving and Investing
8.      Teaching Children About Money

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Caretakers Of God's Blessings by: Larry Burkett

Description: In this guide, part of a series designed for personal or group study, respected financial counselor and best-selling author Larry Burkett examines six key biblical passages that will help you understand the importance of being a faithful steward of God's resources. In each chapter Burkett provides questions that examine why you manage blessings the way you do.

Caretakers of God's Blessings offers practical advice and creative ideas to help you build God's kingdom with the resources He provides.

Table of Contents
God's Colleagues
2.      What God Values
3.      Risky Business
4.      Managing Much or Little
5.      Ruling the Earth
6.      Shrewdness

(6 weekly sessions, 80 pages, softcover)

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Where Your Treasure Is by: Larry Burkett

Description: Whether you are a person with a budget built into your brain or someone who hates balancing a checkbook, these timeless, biblical principles in Where Your Treasure Is will liberate you in ways you may never have imagined. And they will remind you that, to God, you are worth more that what you own

Table of Contents
1.      The Power of Money
2.      God's Agenda Versus the World's Agenda
3.      Trust Versus Fear
4.      Contentment Versus Greed
5.      Humility Versus Pride
6.      Gratitude Versus Resentment
7.      Justice Versus Deceit
8.      Generosity Versus Selfishness

(8 weekly sessions, 100 pages, softcover)

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Living On Borrowed Time by: Larry Burkett

 Description: In this guide designed for personal or group study, Burkett explores how people get into debt. He examines why we find it hard to live biblically regarding borrowing. He also explains how we can get back on the right track. Living on Borrowed Time analyzes the reasons for debt and offers hope for escape from financial bondage. If you long for financial freedom, this book provides the key to your release.

Table of Contents:
1.      The Credit Revolution
2.      The Real Plan
3.      Belonging to God
4.      Desires
5.      Belonging to Somebody Else
6.      Broken Relationships
7.      Two Alternatives
8.      Belonging to Each Other

(8 weekly sessions, 104 pages, softcover)

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Gifts From The Heart by: Larry Burkett

 Description: In this guide for personal or group study, respected financial counselor Larry Burkett explores good and bad reasons for giving. He also explains the who, why, and how of giving. Gifts from the Heart provides real-life examples that put biblical principles of giving into practice.

Table of Contents

1.      Freely You Have Received
2.      The Grace of Giving
3.      Giving to Receive
4.      Freely Give
5.      Widening the Circle
6.      Getting Organized
7.      Courageous Giving

(7 weekly sessions, 84 pages, softcover)

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